Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So Danielle and I were able to go and see Lilly this past Saturday! We drove out to Red Oak, Texas which is about 45 minutes from the farm. We got there around 11am and Danielle looked her over. I do not know her exact age, but I would guess her to be around 8-10 years old. She is a true dun meaning she has the dark line down the middle of her back and zebra striping on her legs (you can barely see these in the picture below). She is a pretty girl!

Danielle isn't 100% sure if she wants to take her just yet. She wants to think about it and make sure she isn't just making an emotional decision since losing Delia. I do know that she really likes her though. She is a very "green" horse, meaning that she hasn't had very much training at all. She doesn't know very many things, but she is a very willing horse and you can tell she loves attention and being near people.

I will keep you posted on what Danielle decides. I hope she chooses to bring her to the farm!

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