Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bad News Bears...

So a little bit of bad news (don't worry, it's not too bad)...

#1. I dont have pictures of Santana's new kicks. When Nelle (pronounced Nelly) came to do her feet last Saturday, there were a million things going on at the barn. There were lessons going on and people everywhere. Couple that with the fact that the weather had been bad a few days prior and Santana had been kept up in her stall and you get one very impatient horse! She did NOT want to stand still and was being pretty ornery! So, we ended up putting a twitch on her to help her relax and remind her to behave. A twitch is a device that is placed on the horse's upper lip and tightened. This doesn't really hurt the horse, it does 2 things really. One, it gives the horse something else to focus on other than whatever they think is bothering them and two, it actually releases endorphines to the brain and calms them. She had obviously been twitched before because she put up ZERO fight and she was a different horse once it was on!

Here is an example of a twitch on a horse:

I will get pictures next time! PROMISE!

#2. Danielle and I didnt go look at the horse, Lilly, last weekend. The lady who is keeping her was playing phone tag with Danielle and Saturday came and went. The good news about this is that Danielle finally talked with the lady and we are going to look at Lilly this Saturday! So I should be able to get pictures, maybe even a video, of them this weekend!

As far as updates with Santana go, she is still doing very well. I rode her last night and Julie was commenting on how much muscle she has gained in the last month.

If there is ever a time where she is not a complete mudball, I will take some updated pictures and post them!

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