Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's been a long time...

So it's been a little while since I have posted on my blog, I need to keep up with that!

The weather hasn't really been cooperating with Santana and I lately. Last week it was rain, rain, rain and this week it's a combination of the leftover rain and it is coooooooold! Brrr! Santana's water buckets freeze over several times a day, which reminds me that I need to look into getting at least one heated water bucket. Who would have thought we would need that in Texas?

I noticed last weekend that Santana was losing a little bit of weight. Probably due to her workout regimen which, until this week, has been a steady 5-6 days a week. Prior to me owning her, she wasn't getting regular workouts. It is also probably due to it being winter time as well. So we increased her hay intake in the hopes that this will keep weight on her. She seems very happy about this!

Nelle is coming on Saturday to trim/re-shoe Santana. I will try to snap some pictures during this process, so I can share that with everyone.

I am also excited about Saturday because Danielle (which is a girl that feeds at Trinity River Farm) is going to look at a horse. The horse is named Lilly and belongs to my husband's Aunt and Uncle. Lilly was given to them by a friend and they never ride her, so they have decided that they would like to find a good home for her.

First, a little background about Danielle and her situation. Danielle rescued a horse at the beginning of December, just before I got Santana. Delia was an older horse, but Danielle after she brought her to the farm and had the vet take a look at her, Danielle found out that she was older than they had originally thought, around 24 years old. So Danielle took it very easy with her and she was mostly a companion animal.

Well about 2 weeks ago, I got a phonecall from Julie, the owner of the farm, saying that I would need to come and let Santana out of her stall because Danielle had to trailer Delia to the vet. It was New Years Day, so I was very worried. I text Danielle and asked if everything was ok. She replied that she had made the decision to put Delia down. Apparently, Delia was unable to pass food down her throat. The vet tried to do a scope (this is when they try to stick a camera-like thing down the throat to find out what the problem is) and when they did the scope, Delia's esophagus ruptured and she began bleeding heavily.

So, this was obviously a very sad thing for Danielle. She has come to grips with the fact that she did the right thing for Delia and she is ready to move on from this.

SO....I told her about Lilly and she is excited to meet her and see if they will be good for each other!

We are going together on Saturday (hopefully) to look at her. Again, I will try to get some pictures!

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