Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Trinity River Farm

So those of you who know me are probably wondering where I keep a horse in the middle of the DFW Metroplex.
For those of you who dont know me, I live in a very suburban area with housing additions everywhere.
Would you believe that there is a "farm" less than 2 miles from my house? Yep, thats right. Its not the place of my dreams, but it is a cute facility named Trinity River Farm.
Julie Amendola is the owner/operator and she does a fantastic job. This facility offers lessons and boarding and mainly caters to English riders, focusing on Hunter/Jumper, Dressage and Eventing disciplines.
Here is a picture from the inside the aisle of the barn facing the tack room:
I am not 100% sure how many acres TRF is, but I would guesstimate around 15ish. The farm has a smaller outdoor arena with lights and offers an open jump course as well as many cross country jumps. There are approximately 15 horses owned by Julie on the property, some used for lessons. Currently I believe there are only 3 boarders including myself, however I am the only one in the barn right now.
Here is where Santana sleeps at night:
Originally, I was only going to pasture board her, due to the cost, however when she was turned out with other horses, there must have been a small war that night. When I came to the barn the next day, I noticed a small flesh wound on her left side hindquarter. It looked like a kick. It wasnt too bad, just scraped the hair off and broke the skin. I washed it out and put some Blu-Kote (antiseptic) on it. Her right hind leg was also very swollen. Her heel was cut open, but very minimally. It looked like she had a kicking war with another horse! She obviously made some connections which is why her leg was swollen and her heel was bruised.
Soooo...she is now turned out during the day with one other pony (who also gets bullied), Gracie, and stalled in the barn at night time.

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