Thursday, December 30, 2010


This is not to be confused with confirmation =)

According to wikipedia, Equine Conformation evaluates the degree of correctness of a horse's bone structure, musculature, and its body proportions in relation to each other. Basically conformation is how the horse is physically built. Just like with people, there is an "ideal" conformation for horses and this will change with what the horse will be used for.

I am hoping to Event with Santana (I will go into Eventing a little later on).

This horse's name is Livingstone and is the subject of an article written by Judy Wardrope titled The Right Conformation for an Eventer. He shows her idea of an ideal Eventing horse.

Here is Santana. I know the pictures aren't as good as the one above, but we will have to make do. She looks pretty good compared to this guy! She is a little undermuscled, she needs to be consistently worked, but I think putting that aside, she is built pretty well.
Anyone who Events will tell you that conformation is important, however the most important thing a horse needs in order to Event is heart. I dont really know Santana well enough to know if she has heart, but she definitely tries to do what I ask of her.

Fingers crossed that there is a future in Eventing for us!

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